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Zigong Dinosaur Museum

Why is the Zigong Dinosaur Museum special?

Regarded as “the best dinosaur museum in the world” by American Geography Magazine, Zigong Dinosaur Museum, 9 km northeast of the center of Zigong, Sichuan, is a large museum which has been built at the world-famous Dashanpu Dinosaur Fauna.

It is also the first professional dinosaur museum in China and one of the three largest dinosaur museums with burial site in the world.

Zigong Dinosaur Highlights

Zigong Dinosaur Museum is not only famous for its unique geologic burial site, but also well-known for the scenic beauty. Many living fossils of the age of dinosaurs, as cycads, gingkoes and cyathea spinulosa as well as some modern angiosperms are planted in the park.

Geologic Selection
Located in Dashanpu New Dinosaur Burial Site, this section belongs to the Middle Jurassic Xiashaximiao Formation.

Dinosaur Garden
These displayed dinosaur living scenes are made through the utilization of modern high-mimic techniques.

Various entertainment activities are provided for visitors including dinosaur rubbing, image composition, 4D cinema, and exhibits for touching dinosaur bone fossils.

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