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Thatched Cottage of Du Fu

Why is Thatched Cottage of Du Fu special?

One of the city's most popular scenic spots was set up in honor of the poet Du Fu (AD 712-70), a man who wrote most enduring poems in the Tang dynasty's. Thatched Cottage of Du Fu is a park centered around his former residence and is arguably the most beautiful green space in Chengdu.

Thatched Cottage of Du Fu Highlights

The site contains several interesting structures, including the Hall of Verse History, the Water Platform & Faggot Gate, Gong Bu Temple ("Gong Bu" being Du Fu's official title), the Tablet Pavilion and a replica of the original thatched cottage.

The Hall of Verse History
Dedicated to the poetic-historic achievement of Du Fu, the hall quite deserves its name “verse of history”. In the center of the hall displays a status of Du Fu.

The Water Platform & Faggot Gate
Dating back to Du Fu’s living period, the Water Platform and Faggot Gate are respectively on left and right sides of a stone bridge which is over a brook meandering through the Hall of Verse History, both of which have been described in this great poet’s literal works and will remind you of his tranquil life in this cottage.

Gong Bu Temple
In the Gong Bu Temple there are three imposing status of Chinese poets: Du Fu, Huang Tingjian and Lu You. Renowned as great poets of Chinese history as well, the latter two followed in the footsteps of Du Fu not only for their once life in Sichuan and recount themes from this province but also their contributions to Chinese poetry.

The Tablet Pavilion
To the east of Gong Bu Temple stands a thatch-roofed pavilion, inside of which there is a stone reading “Shao Ling Thatched Cottage”. “Shao Ling” was a name referred to Du Fu as well that inspired the following generations to honor the poet as “Du Shao Ling”.

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