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Mount Qingcheng

Why is Mount Qingcheng special?

A holy Taoist mountain some 65km west of Chengdu, with a summit of only 1600m, Mount Qingcheng, literally meaning Azure City Mountain in English, is an excellent day trip into the subtropics.

 It offers beautiful trails lined with gingko, plum and palm trees, boatloads of temples, picturesque vistas and plenty of atmospheric sights along its four-hour return route.

Mount Qingcheng Highlights

Mount Qingcheng was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Dujiangyan Irrigation System in 2000. As a centre of the Daoist religion, it becomes host to many temples.

Jianfu Palace
The present Jianfu Palace was rebuilt in the fourteenth year of Gunagxu in Qing Dynasty because of damage of the original one that was established in 730 A.D. of Tang Dynasty.

Tianshi Cave
Tianshi Cave (“Taoism Master Cave” in English translation) holds a temple and monastic school dedicated to Zhang Daoling, a famous Taoist who taught locally and helped spread Daoism throughout China in 2nd century A.D.

Shangqing Palace
Near the peak stands Shangqing Palace originally established in the Jin Dynasty with the current temple building dating back to Qing Dynasty.

Sanqing Palace
Built in 1923 for enshrining the three paramount immortals of Daoism, Sanqing Palace is the most significant temple on the mountain.

Back Mount Qingcheng
The back of Mount Qingcheng provides more hiking options for those looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy more scenery of Mount Qingcheng.

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