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Sanya Romance Park

Sanya Romance Park locates in the Jiyang District in Sanya. It is a well-preserved living area of Li Ethnic people in history. The theme park has dozens of different blocks such as Yazhou Ancient Street, Love Street, Eternal Love Family Paradise, High-Tech Experience Hall, Water Play Area, and special inns.
The Romantic Show of Sanya
The large-scale song and dance performance “The Romantic Show of Sanya” is the must-see performance in Sanya, which cannot be defined by words. The performance is based on Sanya's long history of nearly 10,000 years. With its brand-new design of stage, the whole performance broke through the boundaries between traditional space and sense, which present a dazzling aesthetic feeling for the audiences.
The 360-degree panoramic drama curtains, with 400 square meters, descend from the sky, and 4,700 spectators reach out to interact with the beautiful girls above their heads at zero distance. Every corner of the stage is full of the tension of the show, bringing the audience great enjoyment of vision and auditory sense. 
Here people can hear the echo of the history, the soul-stirring soul of the heroine Mrs. Xian. Here people can feel the exotic style of the Maritime Silk Road, feel the stormy waves when the renowned Monk Jian Zhen traveled to Japan, and listen to the beautiful legend of Luhuitou Mountain. Here, people can learn the unique charm of Li Ethnic people’s culture and enjoy the brilliant and beautiful natural scenery of Sanya. This is the romantic visual feast, exciting and shocking.
Main scenic spot at Sanya Romance Park
Former Residence of Su Dongpo shows the life scenes of Su Dongpo, a great writer during the Song Dynasty, who had stayed in Sanya’s Yazhou District as officials for three years. The main hall stands the statue of Su Dongpo. There are some other old furnishings such as Chinese zither, bookcase and closet which try to show the simple but elegant life of the writer and politician. 
The Yazhou Ancient Street has various shops, pavilions, boutique inns, temples and ancient buildings. Apart from enjoying the ancient street views, it is also a good place to taste the local snacks. 
In the Yazhou History and Culture Exhibition Hall, people can learn the history and the urban development of ancient Yazhou District in the last two thousand years. People can also learn the great achievements of the celebrities in history, such as Mrs. Xian, Master Jian Zhen, and Huang Daopo who has ever lived in Sanya. 
The Interactive Amusement Park uses the high technology to display a variety of incredible and magic phenomena. It simulates the ancient scenes, such as shipwreck, storms, tsunami, reproduced by high technology. Through the simulation model props, the sound effects and the photoelectric systems, people can feel the realistic scene when a “true” typhoon strikes. 

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