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Luhuitou Scenic Area

Luhuitou Scenic Area locates 3 kilometers south of Sanya City. The scenic area lies on the Luhuitou Hill, facing to the sea on three sides. The hill looks like a deer, and is 275 meters high. From the top of Luhuitou Mountain, people can have the panoramic views of the entire Sanya City. It is also the perfect spot to look over the sea at sunrise or sunset. The Luhuitou sculpture in the park is one of the symbols of Sanya, hence Sanya is also known as “Deer City”. In 2017, Luhuitou Scenic Area was selected as the National 4A Class Scenic Spot.
Legend about Luhuitou Scenic Area
Luhuitou Scenic Area is the source of the history and culture of Sanya, which includes the cultural and historical memories of Sanya. 
There is an interesting story about the place name "Luhuitou". A long time ago, there was a brutal landlord who wanted to get a valuable antler. He then forced a young man called Ahei from Li ethnic group to fight with the deer. One day, Ahei went hunting in the mountain and he saw a beautiful sika deer being chased by a spotted leopard. Ahei shot the spotted leopard with an arrow and then chased the sika deer for nine days and nights. He climbed over numerous mountains till the coral cliff on the south side of Sanya Bay. The deer faced the expansive sea and had no way to escape.
At this time, Ahei was about to shoot the deer with an arrow but suddenly, the deer looked back at Ahei affectionately and turned into a beautiful young girl. Later, Ahei and the girl fell in love and became a couple. Then the girl invited a group of her friends and they defeated the brutal landlord finally. The couple settled on the cliff. Many years later, their descendants multiplied and prospered. Hence the cliff became a beautiful manor gradually. 
From then on, the mountain was called "Luhuitou Mountain", this village was called "Luhuitou Village", and this peninsula was called "Luhuitou Peninsula". Luhuitou in Chinese means that the deer looks back. 
According to beautiful legend, a giant statue with a height of 12 meters, a length of 9 meters and a width of 4.9 meters has been carved on the mountain. The status tells a young man relying on a deer. 
The deer is a symbol of freedom or the equality of the animal and human. The legend also interprets the simple and beautiful culture and humanity of Li ethnic group for thousands of years.

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