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Sanya Travel Overview

Sanya is located at the southernmost point of the Hainan Island. In the ancient time, Sanya was always considered the place at the end of the earth or the parallels of heaven, earth and water altogether. 210 kilometers coastline strings, 19 best white sandy bays and 40 islands and all kinds of watering activities can be found here. The city is at annual temperature 25.4℃ with the lowest of 20℃ in the winter.

The city has turned into a modern international city for tropical beach tourists. China’s most beaut...
  • How to Arrange Your Sanya Trip
  • Sanya Travel Season Tips
    Sanya, located in tropical zone, enjoys tropical coastal monsoon climate, without extreme cold winters or hot summers. It has warm weather condition all year round, with the annual average temperature of 25.5 °C, the yearly sunshine duration of 2,5...
  • Transportation
    Airport Phoenix International Airport Sanya Phoenix International Airport is 5 kilometers from the famous tourism site Tianya Haijiao. Open to public since July 1st, 1994, its 4E standard flight area has a 3,400 x60 meters runway as well as a park...
  • Dinning
    Wenchang Chicken The famous Wenchang Chicken is a kind of chicken dish produced in Wenchang City area in Hainan. The dish is known throughout the island of Hainan and also popular in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Southeast Asian coun...
  • Shopping
    What to buy Seashells Products Surrounded by the sea target="_blank" title="Sanya">Sanya is rich in various seashells that can make perfect souvenirs to family or friends. Oceans of seashells with unique forms and multiple colors, like tiger spots...
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