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Sanya Travel Season Tips

Sanya, located in tropical zone, enjoys tropical coastal monsoon climate, without extreme cold winters or hot summers. It has warm weather condition all year round, with the annual average temperature of 25.5 °C, the yearly sunshine duration of 2,563 hours and the annual average precipitation of 1,279 millimeters. The hottest month falls in June with the highest temperature of 35.7℃ and the coldest month falls in January with the average temperature of 21℃. There is no distinct winter in Sanya and winter is one of the best periods for visiting Sanya thanks to its favorable temperature.

The best periods to visit Sanya is from October to the following April when the weather is the most comfortable. Sanya’s peak tourist period is from September to Chinese Spring Festival period (usually in late January or February) when there will be a large number of tourists traveling to Sanya. Especially during Chinese Spring Festival period, numerous travelers from North China flock to Sanya to spend winters. Thus, traveling to Sanya during that period is not so convenient due to the rising price of hotels and flights. Tourists had better avoid this period.

Spring is the best season in Hainan, with a slight temperature gap between daytime and night. People need only wear short-sleeved sweaters and short pants. It is the dry season in mountainous rainforests, which features few rainfalls and leeches. Thus, spring is the ideal time for hiking and adventure.

Summer features intensive ultraviolet radiation and humid air in Hainan. Thus, those who come here for the first time may feel uncomfortable. However, a sudden rain may expel the scorching heat.

There is no obvious boundary between summer and autumn. Even in autumn, sun creams are necessary for tourists to Hainan. In fact, Hainan has no winter all year round. On sunny days, people need only wear short-sleeved sweaters and short pants.  Woolen sweaters and jackets are enough to get through the coldest day in a year.

Sanya is a tropical paradise so make sure you’re prepared for it, bring your sunglasses, use plenty of sun cream and remember the sun is a lot stronger than it feels when by the beach. Around early April is the Coconut Festival, a traditional ethnic Li and Miao holiday that’s celebrated with dragon boat races and dances around a bonfire.

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