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Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone locates 40 kilometers southwest of Sanya. It is the southernmost mountain in China. The tourism zone has a tropical marine monsoon climate, with prefect air quality. The forest coverage rate reaches 97%. It is a large-scale park showing the traditional Chinese Buddhist culture. It was selected as the National 4A Class Scenic Spot.
Legend about Nanshan
Nanshan has always been known as the auspicious place by Buddhists, which is connected with many historical stories and legends. According to Buddhist scriptures, the Guanyin Bodhisattva made twelve great wishes in order to save all the living beings. The second wish is to live in the Nanshan on the South China Sea for a long time. 
The famous monk Jianzhen of Tang Dynasty tried to travel to Japan, in order to promote Buddhism. He had failed four times. On the fifth trip, he drifted to Nanshan. He stayed there for a year. He built a Buddhist temple, preaching and praying, and then his trip to Japan was ultimately successful finally. 
Main attractions at Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
The main scenic spots in Nanshan include Nanshan Temple, Guanyin Holy Status, Fuji Temple, Guanyin Cultural Garden, Buddha Scenic Garden, Shifang Pagoda Forest and Guigen Garden, Buddhist Cultural Exchange Center, and Vegetarian Restaurant and Shopping Street. 
The 108-meter Guanyin Holy Status is one of the well-deserved highlights. It is also known as the precious treasure of Hainan Island. The Guanyin status stands on a 120-meter-diameter Guanyin Island. Guanyin Island is connected by a 280-meter-long Puji Bridge to the main Hainan Island. 
Nanshan Temple is a large-scale monastery, imitating the unique style of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. It lies along the mountains and faces to the sea. Nanshan Temple was completed construction in 1998. There are some Tang-style buildings, such as Renwang Hall, Tianwang Hall, Bell Tower, and Golden Hall, with a total construction area of 5,500 square meters. The entire building is magnificent and solemn. It is regarded as the largest monastery in the southern China.
The Thirty-Three Guanyin Hall is currently the world's largest and most exquisite indoor Guanyin group complex. The Guanyin group is 50 meters long and 15 tons in weight, carefully built by more than 130 craftsmen in four years. It is a breathtaking project of Buddhism. The group statues are made of the most advanced large lacquer materials using gold-plated gilt craftsmanship. They are vivid in shape and delicately carved. 
Changshou Valley locates in the eastern Nanshan. As the spectacle of tropical rainforest, the valley has a total length of 2,300 meters. There are constant birdsong, clear and gurgling streams, lush forests, and strange rocks. 

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