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Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park locates in Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort, Sanya, which is the only tropical coastal city in China. With a total area of 1,506 hectares, the park is the first forest park in Sanya City as well as the first coastal eco-tourism and eco-resort forest park in Hainan. The park is the natural forest oxygen paradise away from the city. The estimated total investment is about 1.9 billion Chinese yuan. It was selected as the National 4A Class Scenic Spot, and the National Eco-tourism Demonstration Zone. 
Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park has the vegetation types of tropical evergreen rainforest and tropical semi-deciduous monsoon forest. It has rich and colorful biological, geographical, astronomical, hydrological and human resources. The landscape construction is extremely ecological and natural. There are a variety of activities tourists could participate in such as mountaineering adventures, wild training, leisure and sightseeing, healthcare, popular science education and folk culture experience.
Main attractions at Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park
The Panoramic Sea-View Glass Trestle is built on the mountain, with a total length of 400 meters and a maximum width of 10 meters. The highest point is 450 meters above the sea level. It is composed of 130 tons of ultra-white imported laminated glass. Walking on the glass skywalk, people can look up for the clear sky and clouds, and look down for the rainforest valley, which is more than 100 meters deep. 
Orchid Valley mainly shows the unique landscape of the original tropical rainforest. There is a walking path more than 1,000 meters long in the valley. The vines are densely covered and the river is gurgling with a variety of orchids are blooming. Walking in the rain forest, people can breathe the fresh air and feel the freshness and coolness of the valley to enjoy a leisure time. 
The Zip Lining has a total length of 600 meters. Gliding from the top of the mountain in a high speed, people can experience the passion between the sea and sky, just like the elves in the valley, unrestrained and free. 
The Rainforest Magic Maze is a children's fantasy adventure park full of interest, wisdom and courage. Parents and children can experience the rope crossing, tree maze, time tunnel and other sports-expanding projects together. These activities for family can bring children more courage and self-confidence.

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