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Wenchang Chicken

The famous Wenchang Chicken is a kind of chicken dish produced in Wenchang City area in Hainan. The dish is known throughout the island of Hainan and also popular in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Southeast Asian countries. The authentic Wenchang Chicken is made with the meat of home fed chicken which are carefully selected and fed with particular food. After being cooked with refined skills and particular ingredients, the authentic Wenchang Chicken looks oily and smells fragrant. If you have a taste, you will find that the bone is soft while the meat is very delicate. It tastes smooth but not oily, it smell fragrant but not ordinary. It is so delicious that you will not get tired of it however much have you had. It is well received by customers both domestic and abroad and you can have a taste of it in any hotel of Sanya.

Chitlings-like Rice Noodles

Rice that has been stored for half a year is selected and is pestled into plasm and then steamed into thin pieces which are rolled into the shape of chitlings. As to the accompanying ingredients, red sugar is sliced into pieces and then put into the water with sweet or salty sauce, orange skin powder and flicium powder. And then it is boiled for several hours with small fire. After all this is done, the rice wine vinegar locally made, garlic and cooked peanut oil are accompanied with fired shrimp rolls, fried peanuts, baked pork and shallot puddings. Before being ready been served, the chitling like rice noodles are cut into small burls and put in the bowl and added the ingredients listed above in order. After being mixed well, it tastes fragrant and smooth.    

Hele Crab

Hele Crab is so named because it is produced in the joint water region of the fresh water and the salty water in Hele Town of Wanning City. This kind of seafood is featured with full crab extract and tender meat which is a characteristic other crabs don’t have. The crab extract is in the color of golden yellow and looks oily with special fragrance. Hele Crab tastes best if steamed and accompanied with ginger and garlic together with vinegar. It maintains the original taste of the crab and tastes especially fresh and delicate. If you want to have a try, just visit any seafood restaurant in Sanya.

Dongshan Mutton

Dongshan Mutton is so named because it is mainly produced in Dongshan Mountain of Wanning City. It is featured with oily black hair. As to the mutton, it is a delicacy featured with tender meat and thick soup. It tastes fresh and is free of sheep smell and you will find it’s so refreshing in your mouth. There are various cooking methods for Dongshan Mutton. Any kind of them has its own characteristics no matter it is baked, braised or steamed. You can have a taste of it in any mutton hotel in Sanya.  


Qingbuliang is a local summer evening specialty. Commonly sold from small carts on blisteringly hot Sanya evenings, Qingbuliang is a cool refreshing drink. It is usually served in small glass bowls, full chilled coconut milk with ice, diced watermelon, diced pineapple, jujube fruit, raisins, cooked beans, mung beans, coix seed, pearl sago, and sometimes longan.

Hainan Fried Fruit Ice (Chao Bing)

Chao Bing, literally translated as ‘fried ice’, it's a highly-recommended snack for a steamy tropical evening. The fruity frozen snack is similar to a sorbet. Visitors can try any combination of the fresh tropical fruits on display.

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