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West Island

West Island is also known as Daimao Island. West Island is located 8 nautical miles southwest of the southern spot of Hainan Island, across the sea from Sanya City. The island has a total area of 2.86 square kilometers. With less than 3,000 residents living mainly on fishing, this quiet island attracts more and more people around the world. It is the second largest island in Hainan Province after Dazhou Island. It is the National 4A Class Scenic Area.
Colorful West Island
West Island has beautiful scenery, fresh air, soft beaches and clear sea water. A large number of beautiful well-protected corals grow around the island and a variety of colorful tropical fish gather and swim in the clear and blue water. It is a great place for leisure vacation obtaining a huge tropical marine ecosystem. On this small island, people can spend a dreamy day by strolling around, playing the aquatic sports, enjoying the snack, or just watching the clouds in the blue sky. 
West Island has excellent diving area. The wide and soft sandy beach in the northwest corner of the West Island is the main venue for a variety of marine entertainment activities. It offers various exciting water activities, such as fishing, diving, motorboats, towing umbrellas, banana boats, yacht, underwater sightseeing boat and etc. 
There are several offshore fishing platforms in the eastern sea area. The largest platform is more than 200 square meters, which can accommodate more than 100 people fishing at the same time. Here, people can also take the luxury speed boat to enjoy a romantic fishing. After having fun, people can go to the 900-square-meter seaside restaurant to enjoy a variety of wild seafood and Hainan cuisine. In the evening, people may stay overnight in a hotel with sea view, or do camping on the beach.
Niuwang Island is located in the southwest of the West Island. It is an affiliated island of West Island. It has the uncultivated natural scenery which is more quiet and pleasant. The shape of the island looks like a bull's nose, so it is also called Bull Nose Hill. 

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