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Tianya Haijiao

Tianya Haijiao, probably the most famous sightseeing spot in Hainan, is located at the foot of the Maling Mountain in Sanya City. Literally it means the end of sky and the rim of the sea in Chinese and it is geographically on the south tip of the tropical Ultima Thule of China. In Tianya Haijiao, the sky and the sea merge into one, the mists and waves stretch far into the distance, dotted with sailing boats on the sea. The waving coconut palm and the bizarre stone make Tianya Haijiao poetic and picturesque.

In ancient China, Tianya Haijiao is the penal colony for it is a desolate land far away from the capital. However, nowadays Tianya Haijiao can represent beauty and romance. It is a vast beach facing the South China Sea. On the beach, erect numerous huge rocks. Sitting on one of the rocks, you will see a boundless sea meeting the blue sky in the faraway horizon. It seems that you are at the ends of the earth.

There is a romantic story about two stones in Tianya Haijiao. In ancient times, two young lovers eloped when their parents disapproved of their marriage. Facing the sea, they had no escape. They were so sad that they just held each other as they jumped into the sea. Suddenly, there was a thunderstorm. They were hit by lightning and changed into two stones. Now people regard these two stones as symbols of eternal and faithful love. Therefore, many young lovers choose this place for their wedding ceremony.

On the left of the two rocks there is a rock in cone shape. The word on it reads “Column of Southern Sky”, which indicates that here is the southern end of the land of China. When the waves hit the “Column of Southern Sky”, it gives a peal of thunder.

Location: at the southwest seaside of Sanya
Transportation: You can take the bus to Nanshan or Tianya from the West Station of Sanya City, the ticket price is CNY4.
Ticket: CNY 95
Opening hours: 8:00-18:00

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