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What to buy

Seashells Products

Surrounded by the sea on its three sides, Sanya is rich in various seashells that can make perfect souvenirs to family or friends. Oceans of seashells with unique forms and multiple colors, like tiger spots, white jade, swine shells, pearl shells, virgin shells, crown shells, swine ears, and horse hoof can all be found in Sanya. It will be a lovely experience for you to pick up unique and interesting shells along the beautiful beaches.

Xianglan Wine

It is a kind of low degree mouth pleasing wine, with fragrant Caolan produced in Hainan as the main fragrance resource and pure rice as the main material. This kind of wine is transparent and clean with authentic fragrance and unique style. It is equipped with the typical fragrance of fragrant Caolan. It tastes soft and pleasing to the mouth and the aftertaste is continuous. This kind of wine has the function of effect of reinforcing the kidney and invigorating yang of males. It can also activate the collaterals and can be used as an appetite stimulating wine before dinner or mouth refreshing wine after dinner. It tastes best if cooled down to eight to twelve degrees before drinking and it can also be applied in the confection of cocktail.

Brocade of Li People

It is a kind of cloth mainly made with weaved embroidery, weaved dying and weaved flowers. As to the dying material, the wild or planted plants are applied as the materials. These dying materials are with bright colors which will not fade away easily. Li people living in different places create various weaving, dying and embroidery techniques according to their own likes.

Coconut Carving

The most popular coconut carvings are the lifelike and unvarnished coconut girl and coconut man which are carved in the raw coconuts. The coconut-carved articles include decoration, artistic living goods and the newly produced coconut pictures which combine simple and unsophisticated style with skillful construction and interesting shapes and add new element in the traditional coconut carving.

Where to buy

Tourist Walking Street

The Tourist Walking Street could not be more literally named. It is a pedestrian mall smack in the middle of downtown Sanya that has red Chinese lanterns hanging overhead and dozens of retailers lining either side of the street. Most are souvenir shops but plenty sell quality fabric and genuine pearls.

Summer Department Store

Summer Department Store is located in the central area of the Dadonghai Tourism District. With an area of 20,000 square meters of commercial operation, it is the core commercial facilities of shopping park, which is Hainan's largest tourism shopping area. Summer department store is not only the largest shopping center in Sanya City, but also the largest coastal tourist and leisure plaza.

Honggang Market

Honnggang Market starts from the Sanya cultural palace, about 300 meters on the west side of Jiefang No. 1 Road. It is the distribution center of Sanya's dry goods, such as dry abalone, sea cucumber, shrimp, cashew nuts, and so on. If you are a gourmet, Honnggang Market is a must for you to go where you can buy Three Ya Zhou Treasures, and then take some time to enjoy cooking at home.

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