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Binglanggu•Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park

Binglanggu •Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park also refers to Binglang Valley or Areca Valley. Binglang Valley was built in 1998, with the total area of more than 333 hectares. The scenic area locates in the sea of betel nut trees and the tropical rainforest. It is 26 kilometers away from the Yalong Bay, and 28 kilometers away from Sanya city center. Binglang Valley was graded as the National 5A Class Scenic Spot.
Binglang Valley
Nowadays, Binglang Valley is a multiethnic, multicultural tourist area integrating sightseeing, cultural presentation, travel experience and entertainment. People can experience the beauty of nature, appreciate the folk customs and enjoy the local foods of Li and Miao ethnic groups. Binglang Valley is themed by primitive and ecological Li and Miao ethnic cultures that play an important role in exploring, protecting and promoting the local culture of Hainan Island.
Main attractions at Binglanggu Valley
Binlang Valley has the Intangible Cultural Heritage Village, Gan Za Li Village and Miao Ethnic Village. People can also experience the great live musical drama Areca Ancient Rhyme.
Intangible Cultural Heritage Village has a March Third Square in the village. It is the most important venue where the special cultural activities are held during Li Ethnic people's traditional festival. The festival-March 3rd Festival, falls on March 3rd in the Chinese lunar calendar. The March 3rd Festival, also called the Love Day, is celebrated in memory of their industrious and courageous ancestors. In the Intangible Cultural Heritage Village, people can learn their consummate skills of embroidery-spinning, weaving and dyeing, and discover the secrets of the ancient ethnic groups.
Ganza Li Village displays Li people’s spinning and weaving skills, fishing and farming methods as well as their daily life in the village. Boat-shape houses, centurial barns, the distillery, nose flutes and bamboo musical instruments are telling Li people’s wisdom and intelligence. Women from the village have brilliant craftsmanship in weaving Li brocades and making pottery.
Miao Ethnic Village is another interesting place, where people can take an exhilarating zipline adventure. Women of Miao Nationality welcome tourists by singing and dancing, holding their own ears and bumping hips with each other. Batik making and tie-dye artwork in the village are amazing. The show Climbing Broadsword Ladder and Waling on Fire is breathtaking.
The 30-minute grand live performance Areca Ancient Rhyme integrates the firewood-chopping dance and the pounding-rice dance which reflects the unique culture of the Li Miao Ethnic Group. It is a good way to learn about ethnic people and experience their charm and brilliance.

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