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Zhangjiajie Attractions

  • Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon

    Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is newly-developed natural scenic spot next to Wulingyuan Scenic Area. The canyon incorporates mountains, streams, caves, cliffs and flying waterfalls, which makes it a natural oxygen bar. The Grand Canyon is reputed as a geographicmuseum combining mountains, water and cave... Read more>>
  • Tujia Customs Park

    Tujia Customs Park

    Located in the city downtown Zhangjiajie, Tujia Customs Park is a comprehensive folk and customs park that occupies an area of 54 hectares. The park combines the natural landscape with the humanity attractions. The Tusi Castle and the BizikaHoly Hall - two main sites in the park, show the culture o... Read more>>
  • Mount Tianzi Scenic Area

    Mount Tianzi Scenic Area

    Mount Tianzi Scenic Area or Tianzi Mountain is the one of the four major scenic areas in Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Zhangjiajie. It is situated between Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and the Suoxiyu Natural Reserve. Mount Tianzi is renowned by the amazing natural landscape, it embodies varied beauti... Read more>>
  • Tianmen Mountain

    Tianmen Mountain

    Tianmen Mountain or Tianmen Mountain National is located in downtown district Zhangjiajie, which main peak has an elevation of 1518.6 meters. It is one of the most representative natural sites of Zhangjiajie Geopark. It is reputed as the most Beautiful Garden in the Air and Wonderland in the Heaven... Read more>>
  • Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

    Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

    Located in northwest of the Zhangjiajie city downtown, the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the first national forest park in China. On September 25, 1982, with the approval of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the original Zhangjiajie Forest Farm was officially named "Zhangji... Read more>>
  • Yellow Stone Village

    Yellow Stone Village

    You can’t claim to have visited Zhangjiajie if you don’t pay a tour to Yellow Stone Village (Huangshizhai in Chinese). Covering an area of about 16.7 hectares at its top, Yellow Stone Village is 800 meters above the ground, and 1100 meters above sea level averagely. Read more>>
  • Yellow Dragon Cave

    Yellow Dragon Cave

    Covering an area of 100,000 square meters, Yellow Dragon Cave is thought by the geologists from home and abroad to be a cave including all the characteristics of a karst cave, for there are splendid stalactites, stalagmites, hills, and rivers in the cave. Read more>>
  • Phoenix Ancient Town

    Phoenix Ancient Town

    Phoenix Ancient Town has ever been acclaimed as the most attractive town in China by Rewi Alley, a famous Zelanian writer. It soon becomes apparent that the claim to being one of the two most beautiful towns in the whole of China is more than justified. Read more>>
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