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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Located in northwest of the Zhangjiajie city downtown, the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the first national forest park in China. On September 25, 1982, with the approval of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the original Zhangjiajie Forest Farm was officially named "Zhangjiajie National Forest Park".


The large natural park covers an area of 130 square kilometers and was listed as a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2004. It is famous for its queer stone and peaks, deep valleys and beautiful forests. The forest park contains nearly over 3,000 peaks, some of which are shaped like animals or objects. These unique and splendid peaks together with peaceful streams and strange trees earn countless reputation from tourists over the world.


This park together with Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve, Yuanjiajie Scenic Area, Suoxiyu Nature Reserve and Yangjiajie Scenic Area makes up the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, also known as Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot. This geographic natural park attracts thousands of travelers every year, including hiking lovers.


You could not miss the main attractions in Zhangjijaie National Forest Park as below:


Golden Whip Stream

Golden Whip stream is named after the 380-meter high Golden Whip Rock. The stream is the most highlight scenic area in the National Park. Flowing from the west to the east, the stream finally joins Li River, one of the four rivers in Hunan Province. Reaching about 5700 meters, the natural stream meanders through powerful waterfalls, animal-style rocks, steep grotesque peaks and luxuriant plants. No wonder the scenic area is called "the most beautiful valley in the world". Major attractions along the stream includes Drunk Arhat, Golden Whip Rock, Holy Eagle Protecting the Whip, Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, Water Curtain Cave, Getting together from Far Away, Splitting the Mountain to Save Mother and so on.


Yellow Stone Village

Covering an area of about 16.7 hectares at its top, Yellow Stone Village is 800 meters above the ground, and 1100 meters above sea level averagely. It is higher on the south and elevated by stiff cliffs. It provides the largest view observation terrace above the sea level in the forest park. The village is characterized by the overhanging cliffs, high staking platforms, jagged rocks and elegant apexes. And it is reputed as the enlarged potted landscape and miniature fairyland.


Pipa Stream

There are two versions why the stream is named as “Pipa Stream”. One is saying that the stream water sounds like playing the Chinese folk musical instrument -Lute (Pronounced as “Pipa” in Chinese). The other saying is that there are jungles of Lime Trees at the origin area of the stream. The Lime pronounced the same as “Pipa” in Chinese. The stream is V-shaped which is partially wide. The upper flow goes toward north while the middle flow suddenly turns the east. The total distance of the stream is around 5,000 meters and the width ranges from 5 meters to 40 meters. The Pipa Stream finally flows into Golden Whip Stream at the Laomo Bay.


Yaozi Valley

Yaozi Valley is also called as the “the Edges of the Eagle”. Located 2.5 kilometers away from Laomo Bay, there are three different walking paths to the top of its valley. With an altitude of 1,050 meters, the Yaozi Valley is famous for its depth. There is a flat view platform on the top of the valley. In the past, the locals were hidden on the platform to avoid the bandits and the wars.

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