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Zhangjiajie Travel Season Tips

Zhangjiajie, in south central China, sits within the continental tropical monsoon climate zone, known for its humidity. With its moderate climate, Zhangjiajie also has abundant rainfall and rich sunshine. Non-frost period is long and the freeze-up is short here, so it is a nice place for traveling. The average annual temperature is around 16 °C and rainfall is fairly well distributed throughout the year. The average annual sunshine is about 1440 hours, and the average annual rainfall is about 1400 mm.


The best time to visit Zhangjiajie is between April and October, and the best attractions to see during this period are Jinbian Brook, Tianzi Mountain, and Yuanjiajie in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. We recommend that you spend at least two days to visit the above.


Spring in Zhangjiajie is the season of rain. During the spring time, with a comfortable average temperature of 22°C, everything is starting to become green and fresh. Not too cold or too hot. In spring, the best month for photography in Zhangjiajie is April.


Summer is hot in the day and cool in the evening in Zhangjiajie. The forest in Zhangjiajie national park releases 8,660 cubic meters of oxygen every day during the summer, so you’ll be breathing some of the cleanest air in the world. This area will become crowded during the summer holiday, so try to avoid the China domestic travel peak time. Some tourists prefer to see the scenery after rain. The scene in Zhangjiajie can offer you an impressive image to you. When climbing up to the mountain, the temperature will be about 3-5℃ lower than the mountain foot areas. It is better to take some thick clothes there.


Autumn is a romantic season and visitors who come here can appreciate a sense of poetry at this time. With fewer misty days and rainy days, the weather will be fine and last for a long time. Be careful of the cold night in autumn season.


In the winter, visitors can marvel at the evergreen trees amongst the snowy landscape. The true charm of Zhangjiajie lies in the ethereal beauty of its mountains. Be careful of the frozen air and heavily cold days, it is not an easy job to climb the mountain in a cold winter day.

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