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Yellow Dragon Cave

Why is Yellow Dragon Cave special?


Regarded as "the marvelous spectacle of the karst cave in the world", "No. 1 Karst Cave", and "the most beautiful cave" in the world, Yellow Dragon Cave is the most noted scenery in Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie. Covering an area of 100,000 square meters, Yellow Dragon Cave is thought by the geologists from home and abroad to be a cave including all the characteristics of a karst cave, for there are splendid stalactites, stalagmites, hills, and rivers in the cave. 


As one of the earliest caves open for tourism, Yellow Dragon Cave is known as the wonder of the world's caves. It features numerous mysterious caves as one of the largest karst caves in China. In a variety of fantastic shapes, the limestone is colorful, glittering and translucent. Sometimes, the limestone and the water create attractive sounds, like music from heaven. Thus taking a boat along the streams in the cave is a nice choice.


Yellow Dragon Cave Highlights


Gathering Hall


The Gathering Hall is the smallest hall of the thirteen halls in Yellow Dragon Cave. However, it covers the area of about 6000 square kilometers. There is a stage in the hall, where there are lots of stalactites. Legend has it that the Dragon King always holds dance parties on the stage.




Among all the stalactites, the most magnificent one is the Dinghaishenzhen. It is about 19 meters high with a diameter of 10 centimeters. When you rap it, there will be the sound easy on the ear, which attracts tourists.


Tianxian Palace


As the widest hall in Yellow Dragon Cave, Tianxian Palace is 96 meters in width from south to north, and 105 meters from east to west. There is a huge stone waterfall, which has a drop of 40 meters. It is the largest stone waterfall in all the developed karst caves. The stone waterfall is yellow because there is much mud contained in the water. Thus it is also called “Loess Plateau” by many people.


Xiangshui River


There is a river called Xiangshui River with a total length of 2820 meters and the average depth of 6 meters. Since the temperature of the river is 16℃, it provides the ideal living environment for the giant salamanders, which belongs to the first class of state protection in China.


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