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Zhangjiajie Shopping Tips

What to buy


Shangzhi Salted Bean Curd Cake

There is a famous dried salty tofu produced in Sangzhi County. As early as the Xianfeng year in Qing Dynasty, Shangzhi County had been known for the production of salted bean curd cakes. Dried salty tofu as well has the functions of expelling heat, eliminating the polyphagia and strengthening the body, etc.


Cili Bark of Eucommia

Bark of Eucommia is also called Euonymus, which is a kind of arbor with wide leaves and leaf in the shape of vertical egg. Its bark can be used as medicine. Its fruit tastes bitter. Cili Bark of Eucommia with beautiful texture and hard woodiness is an ideal material in the fields of architecture, furniture, and craftworks. It has a good market both at home and abroad and it is developed as one of the most important economic resource in Cili.


Duzhong Tea

Zhangjiajie can be regarded as the home town of tea. Duzhong Tea is a kind of tea made by a kind of Chinese herbal medicine- Eucommia ulmoides oliv which belongs to defoliated arbor. The leaves are the material of making Duzhong Tea. Usually drinking Duzhong Tea can lose weight. Besides, it can control hypertension, and upgrade low blood pressure.



Zhangjiajie Batik

Batik is a traditional folk craftwork in Chinese Tu Minority. The batik is one of the three printing crafts in old China. No matter in villages or stockaded villages of Zhangjiajie, girls learn batik from when they are a child. The skills often are devoluted generation after generation. In most Zhangjiajie villages, every family has its own wax knives and dye vats. The batik usually is made by women. They can draw all kinds of fancy pictures on cloth optionally. And the cloth is the handmade cloth by them.


Tortoise Figure Stone

The tortoise figure stone is the local special products in Mt. Tianzi of Zhangjiajie. It is the fossil of the coral aggregation. The stripe of the stone is very similar to the texture of the turtle shell. That is the reason of naming this fossil for tortoise figure stone. The stone just needs slightly polishing and then being put into water, its tortoise texture will present at once. There are stone tortoises, stone cows, stone horses, stone dragons, stone leopards, stone pandas, stone dogs, stone inkslabs, stone incense burners and so on. Carvings made from these figure stones are vivid in shapes. Some of them are useful daily tools.



Where to buy


People’s Square Commercial Pedestrian Street

People’s Square Commercial Pedestrian Street is in Zhangjiajie down town area-near People’s Square in Yongding District. This 200-meter long commercial street gathers tour, shopping and recreation. Its south is connected to Huilong Road, and it connects Jiefang Road in north.


Zhangjiajie Guanghe Shopping Center

Guanghe Shopping center reposes on Lingyuan Road North, Yongding District of Zhangjiajie gathering shopping, dining and recreation. This shopping center is divided into two-storey. Guanghe Shopping Center is the largest shopping mall and biggest tourism shopping center in North of Xiangzi Area.

Address: Lingyuan Road North, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie


Meini Shopping Center

Meini Shopping Center is the other famous shopping center in Zhangjiajie. Meini Group developed from a small shop by road and now turns into a large chain group including two large supermarkets, four intermediate supermarkets and a cultural company in Zhangjiajie.

Address: 15 Renmin Road, Zhangjiejie

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