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Tujia Customs Park

Located in the city downtown Zhangjiajie, Tujia Customs Park is a comprehensive folk and customs park that occupies an area of 54 hectares. The park combines the natural landscape with the humanity attractions. The Tusi Castle and the BizikaHoly Hall - two main sites in the park, show the culture of Tujia Ethnic People in various aspects such as architecture, food, agriculture, military and art.


Tusi, known as local tribal leaderand official, was appointed by the feudal dynasties. Tusi System is a special political system to rule the minority ethnic groups. The preserved Tusi Castle is a museum displaying the folk and customs of the TujiaEthnic Group with collections of relics.


Before entering in the Tusi Castle, the Tujia villagers would offer visitors the Rice Wine as a special welcome ceremony. Visitors could enter into the Tusi Castle only after drinking up the rice wine. Another special folk of Tujia Ethnic Group is Kujia, literally “crying marriage”, an old ritual wedding. It is a cultural expression of happiness through sadness.


A wonderful site in Tujia Customs Park Zhangjiajie is the 12-floor pile dwelling (Diaojiaolou) called Jiuchongtian. The 48-meter wooden architecture is the highest pile dwelling in the world. The house is wooden structure without even a steel nail. 


You could also see the Baishou Dance with Baishou Song by the Tujia locals in the Customs Park. Bizika Holy Hall has an indoor stage for a song and dance show by the Tujia performers. Bizika means that the local Tujia Ethnic people who could still speak their own Tujia language.


Tujia Customs Park Zhangjiajie is a special cultural site showing the Tujia Ethnic Group folks and traditions in the past and now. Besides the miraculous Karst mountains in Zhangjiajie, travelers could also choose to take a visit to this garden to learn more about the locals’ lifestyle.

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