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Zhangjiajie Food

Zhangjiajie Tujia Bacon

There’s a traditional habit in Zhangjiajie, which is the local people will fume the pork with smoke every year. With the end of the year coming, they will kill swines. The meat of body, the head and the pettitoes are all used to make the bacon. Not only can you eat it directly with sour soup and spicy food, but also can add seasoning to stir-fry it and then it will come out as a unique dish with tempting fragrance.


Mixed Pot-San Xia Guo

Zhangjiajie Mixed Pot is a very famous dish of this area that everybody knows about it. Traditional San Xia Guo is a delicious mix of three kinds of materials, usually vegetables and meat though the specific materials change over time. One more thing, this is a traditional Tujia dish, kind of like a snack which you can't find in big hotels. But those small restaurants in Zhangjiajie can definitely provide you the real good Zhangjiajie San Xia Guo.


She Meal

She Meal is made with sticky rice, preserved ham, and a wild vegetable called Hao. The ingredients are fried in lard and vegetable oil. It is a tradition among the Miao ethnic minority group to eat She Meal during the 'Chun She Festival' in March. It would be a shame to visit Zhangjiajie and not try this local delicacy.


Sangzhi Salted Dried Tofu

It is said to have been a popular food in Changsha, Wuhan, and Guangzhou during the Qing Dynasty. It is often given as a gift because it contains as many nutrients as milk. And those who eat the Sangzhi Salted Dried Tofu find their skin is soft and smooth, thus it is also considered a good food for maintaining one's appearance.

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