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Grand Canyon

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is newly-developed natural scenic spot next to Wulingyuan Scenic Area. The canyon incorporates mountains, streams, caves, cliffs and flying waterfalls, which makes it a natural oxygen bar. The Grand Canyon is reputed as a geographicmuseum combining mountains, water and caves. What travelers would not miss in the Grand Canyon is the world’s highest and longest glass bridge.


Situated in Cili County, the Grand Canyon is nearly 20 kilometers east to Wulingyuan Scenic Area. The canyon’s original name is Lanchuan Canyon (Broken Boat Canyon) or Luanquan Canyon (Flying Spring Canyon). Each name relates to the fact that there are so many streams and springs in the canyon. It is said that in the past, there were pieces of broken boat coming out from the spring.


The main attractions in Grand Canyon scenic area are the Glass Bridge, A Strip of Sky Plank Road, South Red Flag Channel, King Wu Slope, Sky River Observation Deck and so on.


Grand Canyon Glass Bridge measures 430 meters in total length and 6 meters in breadth. The bridge is built on the peaks of the two mountains and suspended about 260 meters above the ground. In the middle of the bridge, there is a special area for the bungee jumpers.


The thrilling bridge is an architecture wonder and open to public since 2016. The bridge floor is all made up of transparent glass. Standing on the bridge, one could see the panoramic view of the valley bottom nearly 400 meters below the feet.


Another main site A Strip of Sky is at the entrance of the Grand Canyon. A Strip of Sky Valley is also called the West Heavenly Gate as the valley looks just like a door welcoming every tourist. Although the “gate” is big and high but narrow in a degree which provides travelers a good chance to get close to the cliffs at two sides.


Walk across the A Strip of Sky, there is 700-meter trail leading down the Canyon which is called the Sky Ladder Plank Road. The elevation difference between the top and the bottom is over 300 meters. The path look quite vertical and travelers shall pay full attention when stepping down the plank road.

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