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Changdao County

Changdao County is the only island-county in Shandong Province. The county consists of 32 islands, 66 reefs and Bohai sea area as large as 8, 700m². 10 of the islands are occupied whereon Touji Town and 7 smaller towns with 40 villages are fed by the sea.


Changdao is known for its sandy beaches and picturesque limestone cliffs. The county houses many seascape attractions such as Jiuzhangya National Geological Park, Changdao National Forest Park, Yueyawan Park (New Moon Bay Park) and Cheyou Island. Xianying Palace on Miaodao Island is the oldest and most renowned temple serving the sea goddess Matsu in northern China and it was firstly erected during the Northern Song Dynasty.


Best time to visit Changdao County is May to October every year.


Jiuzhangya National Geological Park

Located in the northernmost end of the Northern Changshan Island, Jiuzhangya National Geological Park boasts dramatic scenery mixed of landscapes and seascapes among mountains, sea, bays, reefs, cliffs, caves and cultural relics. The astonishing 90 – meter – high cliff erected in Bohai Sea has earned the park great reputation.


Location: Northwest Northern Changshan Island, Changdao County, Yantai

Opening Time: 07:00 – 18:00

Telephone: 400 - 6182088

How to go: Boats to Changdao County (One way: CNY 30; Round Trip: CNY 60) depart from Penglai Harbor every 20 – 30 minutes from 06:00 – 18:30. You may also rent a car or bicycle to go there all by yourself.


Yueyawan Park/New Moon Bay Park

Named as the shape of the bay as a delicate new moon, Yueyawan Park, neighboring Jiuzhangya, is a value destination featuring its one – hundred – meter – long dazzling gravel beach wherein the sands and gravels here are white even transparent as fine jade which is rare to see within China.


Perched on a bluff looking down upon waves, Guanlan Pavilion is a fabulous place to experience the charming Bohai Strait.


Location: Next to Jiuzhangya National Geological Park

Opening Time: 07:30 – 17:30


Changdao National Forest Park

Changdao National Forest Park, also known as Linhai Fengshan Forest Park, is a national nature reserve and the zone has been classified as a 3A national scenic spot. Covering a land of 1, 542, 000km², the Forest Park is the quietest area among Changdao County.


At the southernmost end of the park, you could see the boundary dividing Bohai Sea and Huanghai Sea where colors of waves are quite different – Green of Bohai and Yellow of Huanghai.

Changdao National Forest Park is also relay to more than 300 species of birds of a quantity more than 100, 000.


Location: Southern part in the Southern Changshan Island, Changdao County, Yantai

Opening Time: 07:30 – 18:00

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