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Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone

Situated in Longkou City administrated by Yantai, Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone is on the coastal line of Bohai Strait. For its spectacular scenery and satisfactory service, the zone has been classified as a national 5A-class scenic spot.


The zone has been divided into 3 parts of Religious History and Cultural Park, Happy Valley Theme Park as well as Donghai Tourist Resort.


The Religious History and Cultural Park is composed of Nanshan Taoist Temple, Nanshan Buddhist Temple, Nanshan Buddha, etc., which are historical relics dating back to as early as Jin Dynasty(A.D. 265 – 420). Among those spots, Nanshan Buddha of Sakyamuni is the biggest tin-bronze sitting Buddha on earth with the height of 38.66m and the weight of 380t. Some Buddhism – related theme halls and museums are established just under the lotus pedestal of the giant Buddha statue, wherein 9, 999 vivid golden bronze Buddha statues are displayed in the Buddha Hall thus completing an outstanding ten thousand Buddha array together with the giant one.


The Happy Valley Theme Park is home to amusement parks and an equestrian club. It aims to entertain visitors with participatory, diverse projects as well as healthy, exciting activities. The equestrian club here is a first-class horse-riding sports center which provides training fields of different levels, riding courses taught by experienced coach as well as considerate and thoughtful service. The theme park is an ideal place for relaxation, adventure and bodybuilding.


The Donghai Tourist Resort is the hotel, recreation palace, theater and international golf course all rolled into one and it can meet the need of consumers at all levels. Nanshan International Conference Center is the first-ever 5-star hotel in Yantai. Occupying 36,000 square meters, Nanshan Recreation Palace has become the largest recreation center in Asia which houses abundant and various entertainment facilities. This area is a paradise for tourists to appreciate the charm of nature while enjoying first-rate modernized facilities.


Location: Nanshan Tourist Area, Longshan County, Yantai.

Admission Fee: CNY 105

Opening Time: 07:30 – 17:00

Telephone: 0535-8615090

How to go: You can take bus NO.5 from Yantai bus terminal or you can drive by yourself.

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