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Yantai Travel Season Tips

The climate in Yantai is mild and pleasant so that its summer is not too hot and its winter is not too cold. The most suitable time to visit Yantai is from April to October.


Spring usually begins from early April and lasts till the mid of June. It is windy and gentle, however, temperature could differs greatly between day and night.


The typical maritime climate in Yantai brings long and cool summer to this city. Summer in Yantai begins in later June and ends in early September with over 80 days. During summertime the rainy season would come, usually from July to August and occasionally brings typhoon attack to the city.


Autumn is short and windy here. It starts in September and ends in early November. Autumn is alike to spring, however, a little bit cooler than it. It’s the harvest time to the local people.


Winter begins in November and ends in later March. The average temperature in winter is above 0 °C (32 °F).

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