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Yantai Travel Overview

Yantai, a prefecture-level city on the west coast of the Bohai Strait, is a classic vacation resort famous for its spectacular landscape and picturesque coastline among travelers all around the world.


The name of Yantai literarily means “Smoking Towers”. It derives from the iconic watchtowers built up on Mount Qi which were used to light up signal fires to warn residents and soldiers of invading, due to the area had been troubled by the “Dwarf Pirates”(Wokou), initially warriors from the warring states in Japan for a quite long time.


Yantai is a robust industrial city in Shandong Province, however, it is renowned throughout China for its agriculture: it produces a particular variety of apple called “Hongfushi” and is home to the country’s largest and oldest grape winery, Changyu.


As a tourist destination, Yantai houses rich tourist attractions characteristic to the local culture such as Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone, Changdao County, Penglai Pavilion and so on. Its beautiful landscape and scenery attracts thousands of Chinese and foreign travelers for sightseeing and what I must mention here is that the seafood in Yantai will also take good care of your stomach.


Recommended Attractions

a.must-go places

Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone

Penglai Pavilion

Changyu Wine Culture Museum

Baxianguohai Scenic Spot Zone

Changdao County

Kunyu Mountain


b.also worthy to go

Yangmadao Scenic Spot Zone

Yantai Golden Beach Park

Mushi Demesne

Dings' Former Domicile

Huanghai Recreation Center

Yantai Museum

Yantai Hill

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