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Golden Beach Resort

Golden Beach Resort locates in Fushan District in Yantai, along the Yellow Sea. The Golden Beach is known as "the No.1 beach in northern China". The beach’s slope is gentle and clean and the sand is soft; hence it is regarded as one of the most excellent natural beaches in China. It is a well-known National 4A Class Scenic Spot, newly emerging in the coastal beaches in recent years.
Natural Golden Beach
Yantai Golden Beach is about 10 kilometers long from east to west and about 1,600 meters wide from north to south, with a total area of 15.53 million square meters. It covers 737,000 square meters of beach area, 10 million square meters of water area, about 4.8 million square meters of the green space, and nearly 20,000 square meters of the construction area.
As the name implies, the sand at Golden Beach is bright golden and delicate, which is very rare in China. In a mild and moderate maritime climate, the beach obtains a complete and natural coast under complementary original ecological protection. There are also harmonious, romantic and chic architectures in the resort. 
The forest along the beach is lush and evergreen, and the air is fresh and clean. The mountains, water, forests, birds, beaches and sunshine are all in harmony, constituting of a "sea paradise" in a modern atmosphere with many European-style buildings along the road.  All the scenes form a unique and popular tourist resort for leisure and vacation. Yantai Golden Beach is a rare pure land integrating deep ancient cultural heritage and the modern background.
Attractions at Yantai Golden Beach Resort
Tianjie Plaza is a circular stepped building located at the main entrance of the resort. At the highest point of the plaza stands a group of sailing group sculptures, showing the vitality between the blue sea and sky. The sculptures symbolize the smooth development of the resort. At night, the lanterns are lightened, brilliant, shining, which implies the glorious future of the resort.
The 37 ° Dream Sea Water Park was designed by Yantai Xinguang Investment Co., Ltd. in conjunction with elite teams from the US, South Korea, Turkey, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities. It is designed based on a range of Disney’s fairy tales. Covering an area of more than 60,000 square meters, with an investment of 600 million Chinese yuan, the year-round- operated water park is suitable for various "water experience, sports, entertainment and seawater hot springs ". It is China's first-class new style indoor and outdoor water park. 

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