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Polar Ocean World

Polar Ocean World locates in Penglai City, near the Penglai Pavilion. With the investment of 0.46 billion Chinese yuan, it is a comprehensive exhibition hall integrating ornamental, entertaining, interesting, scientific, thrilling and exciting. It is a good place to learn the marine knowledge and marine technology. The entire exhibition area covers of 51,800 square meters and is divided into 14 exhibition halls. There are more than 1,000 kinds of rare marine lives from all over the world. 
Layout in the Polar Ocean World
The Polar Ocean World includes the tropical rainforest hall, polar hall, shark hall, animal performance hall, turtle hall, seal hall, underwater world, underwater theater, 4D dynamic theater and multimedia exhibition hall, etc. 
Perceiving the ocean, approaching the animals, and living in harmony with the nature are the main themes of the Polar Ocean World. Through various ways, tourists can learn more about the marine knowledge, improve the awareness of ocean and ecology protection, and leave a better living space for future generations. 
The tropical rainforest hall is a must-see hall, where people will be immersed in the world of the artificial rainforest landscape. People can see the Chinese sturgeon, seven-sword saury, electric eel, Chinese squid, giant bone tongue fish, blue shark and other rare fish. In the polar museum, people can see the cute beluga whales, walruses, sea lions, seals, penguins and polar bears. The waterfalls, misty jungles, ancient vines and karst caves show the typical views of the tropical rainforest in the Amazon River Basin of South America.
The underwater world is more exciting. Walking through the 100-meter-long underwater tunnel, visitors can see a variety of the fish swimming overhead or chasing around through the 180-degree transparent glass. In addition, tourists can enjoy all kinds of colorful tropical fish through the world's largest cylindrical fish tank. The tank is 6.8 meters in diameter, and is 9.8 meters high, like in a fantasy and colorful world.
The mermaid show in the underwater theater is also very attractive. People can watch the girls dressed up as the mermaids dancing in the water. There are also other funny performances of sea lions and the romantic performances of dolphins in the show. 
There is also a science exhibition hall in the Ocean Polar World. There is a shellfish exhibition area, introducing popular science content such as seawater desalination, seawater power generation and marine robots. There are also the interactive areas, specimen areas and scientific research halls, which become a popular area for young people.

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