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Yantai Travel Overview

Yantai, a prefecture-level city on the west coast of the Bohai Strait, is a classic vacation resort famous for its spectacular landscape and picturesque coastline among travelers all around the world.

The name of Yantai literarily means “Smoking Towers”. It derives from the iconic watchtowers built up on Mount Qi which were used to light up signal fires to warn residents and soldiers of invading, due to the area had been troubled by the “Dwarf Pirates”(Wokou), initially warriors from the warring states ...
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  • Yantai Travel Season Tips
    The climate in Yantai is mild and pleasant so that its summer is not too hot and its winter is not too cold. The most suitable time to visit Yantai is from April to October. Spring usually begins from early April and lasts till the mid of June. It...
  • Transportation
    Air Yantai Penglai International Airport Yantai Penglai International Airport, formerly known as Chaoshui International Airport, is located 43km from the city downtown area, near Chaoshui Town in Penglai, a county-level city administrated by Yan...
  • Dinning
    As a coastal city in Shandong Peninsula, Yantai’s local cuisine made of seafood is popular throughout northern China. Bayu Dumplings Although Bayu Dumplings are sold everywhere in Shandong province, Yantai, gifted by its large amount of ports a...
  • Shopping
    Central Street It is the most famous traditional commercial street in Harbin, gathering many clothing stores and Russian souvenir shops. The Beer Garden serving different kinds of beer and BBQ opens in summer time. MYKAL Department Store It is co...
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