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Yantai Natural Museum

Yantai Natural Museum is also known as the Yantai branch of China Geological Museum. It is a theme museum focusing on the minerals especially the gold, integrating natural science and Arts and Humanities. Located in No.2001 Binhai Middle Road Gaoxin District in Yantai, the total area of the museum reaches about 79,000 square meters.
Construction of Yantai Natural Museum
The main building of Yantai Natural Museum combines the elements of rock and waves. From the distance, it looks like the sea waves are breaking over the rocks. The museum has rich collections, complete and specific categories, and utility facilities.
There are 14 exhibition halls in the museum. The natural gold and giant dragon fossils are the domestic boutique treasures with high reputations. There is also a 4D Theater, exploration area, lecture hall and a special gemstone identification center. The outdoor plaza is decorated with 48-meter-long fossilized petrified wood from Xinjiang Province. On the green lawns, there are some sculptures displayed between the ancient trees. The valuable giant yellow rosewood, ornamental stone forest, ancient trees, stalactites and silicified woods together formed a delightful layout in the courtyard outside the museum. 
What to see in the museum?
The Theme Hall is composed of four parts. The main contents include the preface of the museum, the past Yantai, modern Yantai and Yantai in the future. The content also displays the construction process of Yantai Natural Museum roundly.
The Earth Hall is composed of five main parts, including the earth and the universe, endogenic geological process, the exogenic geological process, natural disasters and human and the earth. The contents systematically show the infinite charm of the earth.
The Fossil Hall tells the basic knowledge of the fossils and the life’s evolution process in various ages. 
The Golden Hall tells the formation, the features and use of gold as well as the evolution process of gold mining. It also shows the entire production process of golden products. 
The Mineral Hall includes the mineral resources area, the mineral area and the gemstone area, which shows the grand scale of the mineral world.
The Biology Hall mainly introduces the knowledge of invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammal animals. It shows the diversity of the biological world.
The Wang Yirong Hall introduces the legendary life of Wang Yirong, who is an outstanding calligrapher from Yantai in late Qing Dynasty. 
The Ornamental Stone Museum tells the categories of the ornamental stones, ancient and modern famous stones, which show the profoundness of Chinese stone culture.

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