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Former Residence of Qi Jiguang

Qi Jiguang (1528-1588) of the Ming Dynasty is widely recognized as a famous national hero in history. In 1635 of the late Ming Dynasty, the ancestral hall was built to commemorate Qi Jiguang and praise his achievement. It was rebuilt in 1707 of the Qing Dynasty. After several renovations in recent years, the Former Residence of Qi Jiguang is a popular tourist attraction and also becomes the provincial patriotic education base. It is located on the Zhonglou West Road, Penglai City, 90kilometes away from the Yantai City. 
Main buildings in Former Residence of Qi Jiguang
The renovated Qi Family Courtyard was restored in accordance with the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty. The courtyard covers an area of 19,000 square meters with a construction area of 2,210 square meters. Actually, the remote ancestor of Qi Jiguang was from Fujiang Province. While, Qi Xiang, one ancestor of Qi Jiguang, helped the Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang establish the Ming Dynasty. Since then, the Qi family remove and lived here. 
Wangyun Tower was built by Qi Jiguang after he returned hometown in his old age. It is a good place to appreciate the moon and the panoramic views of the city. On the pillars in front of the building, there is a couplet, which is a verse written by Qi Jiguang on the first day of 1555. The couplet says that the tower is high almost touching the sky and he prayed for the prosperity of the city. Qi Jiguang often met his friends on the tower, talking about life and overlooking the ancient city.
Taoyuan Cave is where Qi Jiguang played in his childhood, which covers an area of 2,300 square meters. Qi Jiguang loved to play some military games when he was a child. He used mud to build the city walls, piled bricks and tiles into barriers, and made flags by bamboo and paper. He acted as a commander, showing his extraordinary military talents in his childhood. There are pavilions, platforms and towers in the back garden; stone bridges, water, stones and ancient woods are scattered, forming the delicate layout. 
Yongan Weapon Museum was built in 1999. It is divided into two exhibition rooms, covering an area of 730 square meters. China's four major inventions and achievements in the military field attracted worldwide attention in the past. Qi Jiguang invented and improved many new weapons, and he also organized many new military formations during the war, which fully embodied the advanced military technologies of Ming Dynasty. However the main purpose of this exhibition is to advocate the peaceful world. 
Gourd Garden locates at the west side, covering an area of 4,000 square meters. The garden has many bamboo pavilions with bamboo corridors scattered among them, which form a peaceful and ease environment. The gourds are massively planted in the garden. The branches in the garden are intertwined, lush and beautiful. This unique ecological garden not only shows the characteristics of the city, but also provides people with an excellent and relaxing place.

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