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Wuzhen Village

Why is Wuzhen Village special?

Ranking the first among the six ancient towns along the south of Yangzi River, Wuzhen Village was a water town whose network of waterways once made it a prosperous place for its trade and production of silk for over 1000 years.

Ancient stone bridges over the mild water, stone lanes running between the mottled walls delicate wood carvings, all these above present you a Wuzhen with genuine traditional Chinese experience.

Wuzhen Village Highlights

Hundred Beds Museum
As the first one of traditional Chinese bed in the south region of Yangtze River, the museum presents you dozens of typical hand-made beds of two dynasties within 600 years. The delicate cravings and the elegant decorations conveys people’s good wishes of safety and prosperity.

Folk Custom Museum
The museum was built in the house of a family which used to be the richest one in the town. Four exhibition halls of different themes contain lively scenes of the local customs of almost every occasion; hence visitors can sample local cultural ceremonies from weddings to funerals. Waxworks, photos, antiques and mimicking performances reveal the way of life in this ancient water town.

Water Market
Divided into two by a wooden bridge, with water chambers built along the river, the water market was formed gradually because of the local custom of the “morning tea”. The surface of the river is occupied with boats, selling fresh vegetables and fish. It was bustling here at night, since night snacks and barbecue were available anywhere.

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