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Nanxun Village

Why is Nanxun Village special?

With many mansions containing highly unusual mix of Chinese and Western architectural styles, Nanxun Village is a traditional Chinese town with arched bridges, canals, narrow lanes and ancient houses. The constructions and buildings in Nanxun are amazingly well-preserved though having suffered from several centuries of war and turbulence.

Nanxun Village Highlights

Guanghui Palace
Guanghui Palace is a Daoist temple, usually called Zhangwang Temple with more than 900 years history, even longer than the history of the town.

The Small Lotus Garden
Used to be the private garden and the family temple of Liu Yong, an important official during the late Qing Dynasty, the garden has a lotus pond which is 5267 square kilometers. Rockeries made of the stones from Tai Lake were built according to the image described in a poem, with only two kinds of trees, pine trees and maples to create a beauty of contrast.

Book-Collecting House
Next to the small Lotus Garden, the house itself is actually in a mini-sized garden with lotus pond, rockery and pavilion. There are over 600,000 volumes of books collected here, and it is a public library now.

Baijian Lou
Being the best preserved traditional residence along the river, the group of buildings was built over 400 years ago, including 154 sections, within about 400 meters. They were said to be built for the families of an official’s servants in Ming Dynasty. The houses were neatly arranged along the river, connected by stone bridges with traditional black roofs and grey walls.

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