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Huangpu River Cruise

Huangpu River is the mother river of Shanghai which divides Shanghai into Puxi and Pudong (the west and the east) area. Huangpu River is the last tributary of the Yangtze River before it merges into the East China Sea at Wusongkou (Wusongkou is an important terminal for the international cruises). The two sides of Huangpu River gathers the essence of the urban landscape in Shanghai. Hence, taking a Huangpu River Cruise would be the best choice for travelers to enjoy the view of Huangpu River and the Bund.


With a total length of 113 kilometers, the Huangpu River starts from the Dianshan Lake in Zhujiaojiao Water Town. It is a multifunctional river with value of drinking water, shipping, flood drainage, fishing and tourism.


Huangpu River culture has become an indispensable and important element in Chinese culture and even in the world's cultural system. With rich and profound connotations, the Huangpu River culture affects the citizens growing up by the river side. Shanghai has become a very important free port in the world in the last 100 years. Now as an one of the largest metropolis in the world, Shanghai reflects the combination of Chinese and Western culture and Hungpu River culture.


In the past, there was only one skyline of the Exotic building clusters in Shanghai Puxi area. The World Building Expo Group on Bund preserves 52 buildings in different styles like Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and the Chinese-Western style. Once the Old Concession in late 19th century in Shanghai, many foreign banks and cooperates with foreign investment was established on the Bund and built these exotic buildings. From 1990s Pudong area has risen with the modern skyscrapers like Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Global Financial Tower, Jinmao Tower and so many new modern landmarks.


There are various cruises operating daily on the Huangpu River for sightseeing. Most of cruises run from 11:00 and the last cruise may embark at 21:00. Cruises of different capacities run several routes along the Huangpu River. The most classic cruise route takes 45 minutes or so. Boarding from Shiliupu Dock, the cruise would sail toward Yangpu Bridge then return. Along the classic cruise journey, passengers would have a wonderful and relaxed time viewing the Huangpu River and the marvelous architecture along the banks.


Huangpu River Night Cruise shall be a better choice as when the darkness falls, the night scene of Shanghai would be more shocking. Brilliant colorful lights are shining brightly on the skyscrapers and the World Building Expo Group on two sides. The classic and modern architectural styles of the bustling city bring travelers a dreaming scenery.


There are also longer cruise route that extends to Wusongkou Termination which takes 4 hour per way. Various levels are available of the cruise from economy to luxury. Some cruises also provide buffet meal, snacks and drinks for passengers. Drinking a bottle of wine on the deck of the cruise and chatting with families or friends would be a wonderful experience for people on board.

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