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Shanghai Food

Nanxiang steamed dumpings

Nanxiang steamed dumpling has a history of more than a century since the food was first produced during the reign of Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). Nanxiang steamed dumpling is noted for the thin skin, stuffing, gravy, fresh taste, tender meat and beautiful shape. Nanxiang steamed dumpling is a popular snack in Shanghai region. The stuffing is made of smashed leg pork mixed with minced ginger, pork skin jelly, salt, soy sauce, sugar and water. No onion or garlic is added. The shell is made of fine flour without yeast. The steamed buns are small, exquisite and shaped like pagodas. Semi-transparent and full of gravy, they are very tasty.


Steamed crab

Steamed crab is called Da Zha Xie in Chinese, normally served in autumn. It is a special type of crab living only in rivers. The crabs are placed in bamboo containers, steamed and served. There are few other special made ingredients added to the dish. Da Zha Xie is usually eaten with vinegar. Locals prefer to have female crabs than male.


Smoked fish slices

For those who are into very spicy food, the Smoked Fish Slices (fresh fish marinated and spiced to taste like smoked fish) will surely make a tasty dish.


Pepper duck

Pepper duck is a famous dish in Shanghai. World-renowned master Charlie Chaplin once praised this dish as "a lifelong unforgettable gourmet". The dish calls for half or a whole pickled duck. The duck is lightly fried and served with plum sauce and steamed bread.


Yangchun Noodle

Yangchun noodle is also called clear soup noodles. Scented scallion oil is added so that the noodle smells tasty. The noodle soup is highly nutritious, containing protein and various vitamins. Noodles symbolize longevity in Chinese culture, having a bowl of yangchun noodle is highly recommended during your Shanghai tour.


Other delicacies

Besides, crab-yellow pastry, fried stuffed buns, chop rice cake, vegetable stuffed buns, Leisha dumplings and wontons are all worth to taste. Various snack streets in the city have many restaurants and eateries to tempt you, including Old City God Temple (Cheng Huang Miao) Snack Street, Wujiang Road, South Yunnan Road and Xianxia Road.

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