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Zhujiajiao Village

Why is Zhujiajiao Village special?

Honoured as “Shanghai's Venice”, the picturesque village by the Cao Gang River is over 400 years old, located in a suburb of Shanghai city. Another nickname for it is “Pearl Stream”, for it used to be an vital town for local trade, conveying goods in and out of its canals to the river.

Zhujiajiao Village Highlights

Dianshan Lake is a freshwater lake, and most of the east part of the lake lies in Zhujiajiao. Wild ducks and waterfowls wing out from the reeds when your boats came near, which bring you back to the nature.

Bridges in the town are distinctive and old, built during Ming and Qing Dynasties. The biggest stone bridge, Fangsheng Bridge (Setting-fish-free Bridge) was built in 1571. On the bridge stands a stone tablet named Dragon Gate Stone, engraved with 8 coiling dragons encircling a shining pearl. The bridge is the perfect place to watch the boat race of the town.

Streets and Lanes
The ancient North Street is the best preserved spot in the suburb of Shanghai. Though only about one kilometre long, it used to be the most prosperous street to the southern Yangtze River. The buildings in the street still reserve the appearance over two hundred years ago.

Try to discover your own tour line in the labyrinth made of the lanes. You can never walk to the end of the street, for the right angle corners will always lead to a whole new world, which is quite unique in Zhujiajiao.

The Temple and the Monastery
Built about two centuries ago beside Dianshan Lake, Baoguo Monastery belongs to the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai. The statue of Buddha made of white jade from Myanmar, the marble statue from Singapore and the gingko tree over 1000 years old are the three sights you won’t miss. The Town Gods Temple is over 200 years old. The carvings in the crossbeam and the ancient stage will surely catch your eyes.

The Hall and the Gardens
The exquisite cravings in the bricks of the doorframe of the Hall of Xi’s are definitely worth seeing. Kezhi Garden and Pearl Stream Garden form a delightful contrast for being ancient and modern respectively.

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