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Shanghai Disneyland



Shanghai Disneyland is the sixth theme park of Walt Disney. You may wonder why Shanghai Disneyland is so special Chinese cultural elements are merged with the Western one. To enquire a unique experience in Shanghai, Shanghai Disneyland is a must-go attraction. You will be amazed by the splendid design of it, ranging from the enchanted castle to Mickey Avenue. This heaven is filled with distinctive Chinese elements, you can undoubtedly immerse yourself into the ambiance.





Just like what the name has shown, "Tomorrow-land" is a place which presents the surreal fancy, accompanied by the futuristic style, you can glimpse the imaginary world of the science fictions. With Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue, visitors can complete the rescue mission while enjoying the excitement. Besides, visitors will be raised into the sky at Jet Packs, secure the safety of the land while viewing the breath-taking scenery.


Mickey Avenue

Visitors can grab some tasty snacks and choose those exquisite products, which are designed according to different Disney cartoon characters. As Mickey Mouse’s family will welcome the visitors in the bazaar-like street, they can give the tourist a warm and welcoming hug. Start your journey from this energetic place!


Treasure Cove

If you are looking for an adventurous place, you can’t miss Treasure Cove. In Battle for the SunkenTreasure, which is a magnetic powered ride, Captain Jack Sparrow will guide the player to steal things in the drifting stream. Similar to the movie setting, players will encounter mermaids with their sparkling tails.


Gardens of Imagination

When you need a place to recuperate from tiredness, this heavenly-like garden is tailor-made for you. It is located in the heart of the park. Decorated with lovely flower and plants, you can relax yourself here. Apart from that, don’t miss the Wandering Moon Teahouse, which is a restaurant provides authentic Chinese cuisine, customers can enjoy the delicacies with various Disney characters, such as Mushu and Nemo.




- Bringing outside food is forbidden

- Download the official app before your journey

- Pay attention to the weather and bring suitable clothes.

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