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Shanghai Shopping Tips

Yuyuan Market

Yuyuan Market is located beside the famous tourist attraction, Yuyuan Garden. It is reputed as the “Kingdom of daily necessities” and “Kingdom of delicacies”. You can find all kinds of daily necessities with reasonable price. The Old City God Temple is also located there. Yuyuan Market has an amazing array of traditional Chinese items, including paintings by folk artists, pearls from Taihu Lake, calligraphy, old bank notes, and wood carvings.


Dongtai Antique Road

Dongtai Antique Road is lined with more than 125 small shops selling variety of antiques. You can find all kinds of traditional items including bronze wares, jade, bamboo and wood carvings, calligraphy, paintings, badges, souvenir, ancient ink, paper, brushes, pens, and ink slabs. The place remains one of the most popular markets among expats and locals.


The Bund

The Bund tends to be a more luxury shopping area. You could find many luxury brands boutiques along the Bund, including Giorgio Armani at No. 3 on the Bund, Dolce & Gabbana at No. 6, and Cartier, Patek Philippe, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Boucheron at No. 18. By using the former colonial banking headquarters buildings as stores, these brand boutiques look classic and special.


Huaihai Road

Huaihai Road is a bustling commercial street and one of the busiest shopping areas in Shanghai. It sells clothing of every kind and is the epitome of Shanghai's modern history, a showcase of its prosperity and the latest fashions. Hundreds of shops display a myriad of styles, including western and international name brands.


Nanjing Road

This street is reputed to be “China’s No 1 street” and epitomizes Shanghai's history and culture. The 1,033-m-long walkway runs between the Bund and People's Square and has 600 shops lining it, some 100- years-old, some with famous brands, and various specialty shops. At night, the whole walkway is lighted and looks shining.


Fuzhou Road

Fuzhou Road has long been reputed to be Shanghai’s “Culture Street” because it is lined with well-known book stores, publishing houses, and stationery stores dealing in writing brushes, ink sticks, rice paper, and ink stones. It also has a Foreign Languages Bookstore and Shanghai Book City. Other novelty stores offer a wide collection of attractive greeting cards, Huizhou rice paper, silk paper, Zhoushanlian writing brushes, artistic painting frames, and much more.



Xujiahui Area with Xujiahui Square in the center is a famous commercial center containing a galaxy of malls, many of them are famous shopping malls, including Grand Gateway, Orient Shopping Center, Pacific, Shanghai LiuBai, HuiJin Department Store, Pacific Digital Plaza, Metro City, Sunrise Department Store, and HuiLian Department Store. It also has a thriving ideally-situated Metro Shopping Plaza underground with a flow of enthusiastic shoppers.

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