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Shanghai Tower

Uniqueness of Shanghai Tower


Shanghai Tower, which is the 2nd tallest skyscraper in the world, as well as the tallest tower in Shanghai, is a significant landmark in Shanghai. With 5 basement levels, 127 floors above ground and 5 podium floors, the prosperity of Shanghai is unveiled, showing the vibrant phenomenon of the city.


This magnificent tower includes a 360o observation deck, tourists can glance the phenomenal panoramic view of Shanghai through its glassy windows, enjoy the dazzling view of Shanghai, see how the Huangpu River embraces this glorious city.


The structure and design


This grand tower is designed by the notable architectural firm Gensler, suggested that the tower should be built in a spiral shape, which helps to reduce the impact of wind and save the construction materials.


Apart from the pragmatic concern, this fashionable design also filled with numerous green elements. The glassy curtain walls are one of the typical examples, The usage of lighting can consequently reduce since the natural lighting is adopted. Visitors can also find some trees in lobbies which can lower the internal air temperature of the building.


The inner facilities


Shanghai Tower is designed in a twisting curve, accompanied by its efficient elevators, which can send passengers to the 546 meters observation deck within a minute. Tourist can experience the sophisticated modern technology of Shanghai.


Besides the technological advancement, Shanghai Tower is a multifunctional building which consists of 5 parts, most of the area is occupied by the office of multinational companies. As for travelers, they can enjoy the warm services from five-stars hotels along with the spectacular view from the observation deck. Throughout the visit, Tourist can immerse themselves into the luxuriant lifestyle.


Locational specialty


Shanghai tower is surrounded by two other tower- the Jin Mao Tower and the World Trade centre tower. They are called as “sister towers” of Shanghai Tower. These three iconic towers signify that Shanghai gradually moves on to a new era.

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