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Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Shanghai Wild Animal Park locates in the Pudong New Area, which is about 35 kilometers from the city center. As the first national wildlife park in China, Shanghai Wild Animal Park covers an area of 378 acres. With the investment of 300 million RMB, it was opened to the public in November, 1995. In May, 2007, Shanghai Wild Animal Park was selected as the National 5A scenic spot by the China National Tourism Administration.

Various Wildlife

Shanghai Wild Animal Park contains over 10,000 animals, with 200 kinds from all over the world. The animals includes specially protected animal giant panda, golden monkey, tiger, Asian elephant, crested ibis, giraffe, zebra, antelope, white rhino, etc. Among them, the number of China’s specifically-protected animals is No.1 in the world.

Highlights in the park

Shanghai Wild Animal Park can be divided into two visiting areas, one is the walking area, where visitors can visit on foot. The other is the bus-riding area, where visitors can take a tourist bus to have the close contact with the wild animals. Under the safety guarantee, visitors are allowed to feed and take a photo with the animals such as giraffes and elephants.

Shanghai Wild Animal Park is divided into Herbivores Stocking Area, Predator Stocking Areas, Flamingo Area, Backyard Fauna, Waterfowl and Rare Animals Area, Bird Park, Butterfly Garden and Children's Petting Zoo. Visitors can know more about the lifestyle and living habits of the animals here and also learn how the small animals are fed and cared every day by the nurturing keepers.

In addition, there are also animal performances by the lovely animal actors, such as elephants, dogs, sheep, monkeys, bears, tigers, lions and parrots. All of the animals have good performance skills, and can cooperate very well with each other. In the performing area, visitors can visit the smart and talented animals, which can bring the visitors leisure and pleasure.

Shanghai Wild Animal Park is themed on protecting and breeding rare and endangered animals. With the principle of combining science popularization and tourism together, Shanghai Wild Animal Park will also help people get to know the animal knowledge, and strengthen the consciousness of protecting the wildlife. At the same time, the park will help promote the economic development of the surrounding areas, and also add glory to the development of the entire city.


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