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Shanghai World Financial Center

Why Shanghai World Financial Center is special­


Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC), commonly known as Bottle Opener, is a super tall skyscraper located in the center of Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone in Pudong district of Shanghai. Completed in August 28, 2008, the SWFC is now the second tallest skyscraper (its roof height is set at 492 m) in mainland China only after Shanghai Tower (till year 2014).


As a mixed-use skyscraper, the SWFC consists of offices, hotels, conference rooms, observation decks, and ground-floor shopping malls. Basement two to Floor 3 is maintained for shopping malls. Meeting facilities and offices are distributed on Floor 3 to 5 and Floor 7 to 77. Park Hyatt Hotel is located on Floor 79 to 93 and Floor 94 to 100 is used for sightseeing.


Shanghai World Financial Center Highlights




Designed by American architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox, the 101-story tower was originally planned for construction in 1997, but work was temporarily interrupted by the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 1990s. On 13 February 2003, the construction was returned to work and with the intention to be the tallest building in the whole world, the Mori Group, the main investor of SWFC, increased the building's height to 492 m (1,614 feet) and 101 stories, from the initial plans for a 460-metre (1,509 feet), 94-story building. After 5 years’ construction, the SWFC was completed on 17 July 2008, and was officially opened on 28 August. On 30 August 2008, the tower's observation floors were opened to the public.


A view of Shanghai


There are 3 observation decks in SWFC, the height of its lowest observation deck is 423 m (1,388 feet) on the 94th floor, the second is 439 m (1,440 feet) high on the 97th floor, named "Observatory Bridge ", and the highest is 474 m (1,555 feet) high, on the 100th floor.


Visitors can buy the ticket in Basement 1 on the west side of the building (just opposite the Jinmao Building) and then take the elevator directly to the sightseeing platform. Sky arena on Floor 94 provides a perfect and extensive view of Shanghai along the Huangpu River. The 750-square-meter (about 897-square-yard) sightseeing hall is also suitable for exhibitions. Parapets in the window on F97 provide a place to take pictures. The open skylighted ceiling shows ingenuity in design. In good weather, it can be opened, turning the hall into an overpass in the air. The Sky Walk on Floor 100 is a 55-meter (180-foot) corridor. While wandering on the floor made of transparent glass, you can see the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower just in front and feel as if you are walking in the air. Vehicles, pedestrians and even the whole city seem to be far away, down below.

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