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Oriental Pearl Tower

Why is Oriental Pearl Tower special?

Ranking as the tallest building in Asia and the third in height in the world, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

The Oriental pearl Tower is a mixed-use tower with telecommunications transmitters broadcasting over 50 miles, a hotel, a restaurant, and several observation decks. Despite a modern look with metal and concrete, the design is rooted in traditional Chinese culture. The definitive elements of the tower are its eleven spheres or 'pearls' distributed along its entire height. The largest pearl is 50 meters in diameter near the base, and the second largest pearl is 40 meters in diameter near the top. When looking at the tower from afar, it appears as though pearls are dropping from the sky onto a lush green plate that symbolizes jade. Thus, the two extremely valuable Chinese gemstones are represented in its structure.

Oriental Pearl Tower Highlights

The Design
The tower has three observatory levels. The highest is at 350 metres, and is called the Space Module. The second is at 263 and 259 metres and is called the Sightseeing Floor. And the lowest, the Space City, is at 90 metres. There is also a revolving restaurant at the 267 metre level.

Pearl Oriental TV Tower
Also has a 20-room hotel called the Space Hotel, located in the five smaller spheres between the two biggest ones. The smallest sphere at the top is 14m in diameter.

Science Fantasy City
Located at the base of the tower, the Fantasy City contains a variety of fun, including a theatre, a laser cinema, magic trips and even a space hot balloon which can take you up and gives you a bird's eye view of Shanghai.

Municipal History Museum (inside the TV Tower)
Located in the tower's pedestal, the Shanghai Municipal History Museum is a wonderful introduction to the city's interesting history. Multitudes of dioramas and models of Shanghai's historical streets give the visitor an eye into what life was like before private cars and skyscrapers ruled Shanghai.

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