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Guiyang Attractions

  • Qianling Park - Guiyang

    Qianling Park

    Qianling Garden is a 4A National tourist attraction in Guiyang City, The whole park is consists of eight main scenic areas including Hongfu Temple, Qianling Lake, and Kylin Cave. Read more>>
  • Jiaxiu Tower - Guiyang

    Jiaxiu Tower

    Jiaxiu Tower is the symbol of Guiyang. It is praised for having rich architecture and culture value. Jiaxiu Tower preserves a collection of authentic art works. Read more>>
  • Hongfeng Lake- Guiyang

    Hongfeng Lake

    Hongfeng Lake has differentiated beauty in four seasons. The beautiful red maple trees, comfortable atmosphere and traditional experience bring a perfect leisure tourism destination for tourists who are seeking for a place to spend holidays. Read more>>
  • Hongfu Temple- Guiyang

    Hongfu Temple

    Hongfu Temple is a famous temple of Zen Buddhism in Guizhou Province, it is well known by the splendid halls, as well as a splendid collection of countless paintings, calligraphy, and other art pieces. Read more>>
  • Qingyan Ancient Town-Guiyang

    Qingyan Ancient Town

    Qingyan Ancient Town is famous for its well-planned architectural style, rich cultural relics, and multi-religion, it is praised as one of the most famous ancient towns in Guizhou Province. Read more>>
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