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Kashgar Attractions

  • Three Immortals Buddhist Caves

    Three Immortals Buddhist Caves

    Three Immortals Buddhist Caves of Han Dynasty (206BC--220) lie in the north of Kashgar Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. It is about 13 meters down the bottom of the cliff and about 8 meters from the cliff top. The cliff is vertical and smooth so that there is no plant on the face. It is impossibl... Read more>>
  • Kashgar Old Town

    Kashgar Old Town

    The old town area of Kashgar is the best-preserved example of a traditional Islamic city to be found anywhere in Central Asia. Uyghur people have been living in this area since the city of Kashgar was formed more than two thousand years ago. Read more>>
  • Kashgar Bazaar

    Kashgar Bazaar

    Kashgar Bazaar is renowned as the biggest market in Central Asia. Today's Kashgar Bazaar has preserved the old traditions, and nearly all kinds of goods can be found here. Read more>>
  • Karakuri Lake

    Karakuri Lake

    Karakuri Lake, situated at the foot of Mount Muztagata, lies 191 kilometers (about 120 miles) from Kashgar.It is 3,600 meters above sea level, 30 and with a surface of ten square kilometers. Read more>>
  • Abakh Khoja Tomb

    Abakh Khoja Tomb

    Five kilometers (3.1 miles) northeast of Kashgar is Abakh Khoja Tomb, 17th Century family cemetery of the Kashgar area Islamic leader. Read more>>
  • Id Kah Mosque

    Id Kah Mosque

    As the biggest mosque in China, it is a group of old Islamic constructions with strong ethnic style and religious features. “Id Kah” means “a place of praying and celebrating in festivals”. Read more>>
  • Stone City

    Stone City

    The Stone City is located in the north of Tashkurgan County, Xinjiang Province.It was famous for its location at the junction of the middle route and southern route of the ancient Silk Road. Read more>>
  • Kashgar Transportation

    Kashgar Transportation

    Kashgar has been considered an important trading centre since the days of the Silk Road, and still is today. Therefore, Kashgar is a significant transportation center in the Taklamakan Desert, the Northwest China. Air Built in 1953, Kashgar Airport is the second largest airport in Xinjiang Uyghur A... Read more>>
  • Kashgar Overview

    Kashgar Overview

    Kashgar is an oasis city located in the western part of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The city covers an area of 15 square kilometers, with an average altitude of 1,289 m above the sea level. Despite its isolation, Kashgar has seen plenty of traffic over the last 2000 years, as a major Sil... Read more>>
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