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Hongfu Temple

Hongfu Temple is a famous tourist attraction located inside Guiyang City. It was originally built by Monk Chisong in 1667, when it was just a small hut. After years, a new majestic temple was completed in the site of the original one.


Why the Hongfu Temple is special


“Hongfu” in Chinese literally means developing Buddha’s spirit and benefiting the mankind. It is now regarded as the largest temple of Zen Buddhism as well as a place that stores countless art pieces.


Hongfu Temple highlights


The Temple Complex


The Hongfu Temple complex consists of a number of halls. Among them there are three main halls which are most favored and well-known. They are Tianwang Hall, Kwan-yin Hall, and the Mahavira Hall respectively.


On entering the temple’s main gate, a bell pavilion is the first place to visit with two drum pavilions on both left and right sides. The big bronze bell was cast in 1469 during the Ming dynasty, and weights more than 3 kilograms. Go straight after visiting the bell hall, upon entering the first hall named Tianwang Hall, visitors could enjoy the carved statues of Maiteya Buddha and the four Heavenly Kings. The second main hall is named Bodhisattva hall, which is dedicated to Skanda Bodhisattva and Kwan-yin with 32 arms. At last, inside the third hall named Mahavira hall a gilded statues of Sakyamuni is housed, along with 18 arhats, and some other statues. Besides, there standing a precious jade Buddha statue, which came from Ranhoon, the capital city of Burma. The statue weights 900kg and 1.5m in height, looks kindly and solemn.


Precious Painting and Calligraphy


Having a history of more than 400 years, Hongfu Temple owns a splendid collection of countless paintings, calligraphy, and other art pieces. These pieces are valuable in exploring both Guiyang history and old Chinese art. Inside the halls there always decorated with colorful paintings on the walls or on the ceilings. In the temple court there are several steles standing which is carved with sutra, Chinese calligraphy and old paintings.

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