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Hongfeng Lake

Hongfeng Lake is an artificial lake located in the west suburb of Guiyang, Guizhou Province. It was initially built in 1958 when the reservoir was under construction. Hongfeng Lake Scenic Area is now a leisure tourism destination of Guizhou Province.


Why Hongfeng Lake is special


Compare to other tourist attractions in Guiyang such as Huangguoshu Water Fall and Qingyan Ancient Town, Hongfeng Lake is seldom known by tourists outside from Guizhou Province. However as a peaceful and lovely leisure tourism destination, Hongfeng Lake is a perfect place for holidaymakers and traveler who are seeking for a place to spend holidays or escape from reality and pressure.


Hongfeng Lake highlights


Beautiful Natural Scenery

Seen from a birds-eye view, Hongfeng Lake looks like a crystal clear mirror. Hongfeng literally means red maple trees, easily known from the name, there are lots of maple trees growing around the lake on the mountain. In each autumn these trees’ red leaves fall down on or around the lake. Climate in Guizhou Province is mild and tender. Walking around the lake, tourists could enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the gentle breeze flowing on their faces.

In each season, Hongfeng Lake can be appreciated for its different and unique beauty. In spring, visitors could enjoy flowers blooming; in summer, travelers may play with the clear and clean water; in autumn, when trees display various colored leaves, tourists may surprised by the amazing scene; and in winter, flocks of birds make the lake vivid and lively.


Tradition Experience and Ethnic Villages


Besides the beautiful natural scenery, Hongfeng Lake is also a good place for tourists who are curious know about local tradition of Guizhou and ethnic knowledge of minority nationalities such as the Miao and the Buyi. There are some ethnic villages with interesting examples of village architecture in the scenic area; the most famous one is Diaojiaolou, a Buyi flagstone house and a Dong drum tower that has a roofed bridge. The drum tower can be reached by boat. In accordance with village custom, visitors will get a warm welcome and invited to taste many special ethnic foods.

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