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Jiaxiu Tower

Jiaxiu Tower is a three-level pavilion lied on a boulder in Nanming River in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. It was initially constructed from 1598 during Ming Dynasty (1573-1620).


Why Jiaxiu Tower is special


Jiaxiu Tower is regarded as the symbol of Guiyang city. It has witnessed its history for more than 400 years. The tower’s name “Jiaxiu” means the first scholar literarily. Jiaxiu tower was built to honor the first scholar in Guiyang, local official at that time hoped to courage more local students to get success in the imperil examinations. Situated in the city center, Jiaxiu Tower adds to Guiyang’s elegant and traditional atmosphere, contributing to Guiyang’s reputation as a famous historical and cultural city.


Jiaxiu Tower highlights


Traditional architecture style


Like most of traditional Chinese-style ancient towers, Jiaxiu Tower is covered by green tiles, red pillars, engraved windows and white stone parapets which contribute to its superb and striking appearance. At the top level of the tower, visitors could enjoy a nice view of the surrounding scenery. Jiaxiu Tower was highly appreciated for its beautiful night view. Tourists who have been there always leave a word, impressive. Seen from a huge turtle rock in Nanming River, the tower is reflected in the water and looks very shinny. Decorated with lanterns and ancient furniture, Jiaxiu tower takes tourists back to the ancient time. Besides, Fuyu Bridge under Jiaxiu Tower is also a favored place for photographers and architects. It is made of white stone and engraved exquisitely, the bridge looks like a floating dragon in the river, especially seen from a bird-eye view.


A precious collection of authentic works


Inside Jiaxiu Tower, a precious collection of authentic works, colorful paintings, and ancient calligraphers was kept and on show. These old art pieces have profound value both in exploring history and Chinese traditional art. Among the collection, one most famous couplet written by Liu Yushang who was a local literate during Qing Dynasty (1616AD-1912AD) attracts many tourists. The valued couplet consists of 206 words, called one of the longest couplets in Chinese history.

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