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Guiyang Shopping Tips

What to buy


Maotai Wine

Known the whole world over by connoisseurs of Chinese food and drink, the Maotai Wine originates from Guizhou. Moutai is classified as "sauce-fragranced" wine. Moutai was already 800 years old till Song Dynasty. For foreigners, Maotai may taste a little bit strange, but it would be incomplete without trying the Guizhou's most famous product.


Duyun Maojian Tea

Duyun Maojian is one of the most famous ten teas of China. Originating from Duyun City at the south part of Guizhou Province, Maojian Tea attracts customers by its fine shape and unique style. Most Dunyun Maojian tea is planted around the foot of mountains, where are perfect places for the growth of the tea. In the past, its high reputation and fragrance taste made it the tribute for the emperor.



Miao women like needlework. They produce numerous embroidery fabrics with the patterns of golden flowers, silver fruits, colorful birds, the dragon and phoenix and odd fish, etc. During festivals, Miao girls will wear exquisite attire that they have made themselves.

Besides embroideries, Guizhou Miao people are also skilled at cross-stitch work, especially those made by Huaxi Miao girls. Designs in this cross-stitch work take the shape of fish bones, iris, cockscomb and occasionally animals and human figures.


Batik Products

The batik method is a traditional way to dye white cloth with various patterns such as flowers, fish, birds and mountains. Heated wax is used to create these beautiful works of art.

Batik, which has strong ethnic characteristics, is a traditional handicraft of the ethnic group of Guizhou. There are over 1,000 different types of batik products now produced including whole cloth, bedding, tapestries, caps and purses. Anshun Batiks can be purchased at expensive tourist shops in Guiyang or for more reasonable and negotiable prices in Anshun itself.



Where to buy


Xingli Department Store

Guiyang Xingli Department Store is the first department store funded by Hongkong, and it is also the biggest department store in Guizhou province. Its business scope includes supermarket, daily necessities, household commodities, catering, household appliances, etc, creating shopping, leisure and amusement spaces for the new life of customers.

Address: Intersection of Daximen


Zhi Cheng Avenue

Zhi Cheng Avenue has an operation area of 5,000m2 only, but it is situated at the valuable business area, suitable for specializing in garments and adornments thereof under the international and domestic famous high-end brands to meet the high-end consumer group’s profound pursuit of garment culture.

Address: No. 3, Yan’andong Road


Guiyang Antiquity Store

Located in Gongyuan Road, Guiyang Antique Store mainly deals in ancient porcelain, painted pottery, jewelry, jade, painting or calligraphy of famous figures, antiquity calligraphy and painting, nationality embroidery, four treasures in the study( namely writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper), stone stamp, bamboo and wood carving, etc.. Besides, it also sells all kinds of art crafts with local characteristics.

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