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Qianling Park

Qianling Park is a beautiful city park located in the northwestern of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. It covers a large area of 426 hectares. The whole park consists of eight main scenic areas including Hongfu Temple, Qianling Lake, Kylin Cave, Sanling Bay, Macaque Garden, the Zoo, Two-Dam Wind-Rain Bridge, and the Winding Mountain Path.


Why Qianling Park is special


Qianling Park was listed as a 4A National Tourist Attraction, its name “Qianling” was derived from Qianling Mountain inside the garden. The natural beauty and traditional building attract many tourists each year. Besides it’s a good place to play with cute monkeys.


Qianling Park highlights


Hongfu Temple


The Hongfu Temple complex consists of a number of halls. Among them there are three main halls which are most favored and well-known. They are Tianwang Hall, Kwan-yin Hall, and the Mahavira Hall respectively. Besides the famous halls, Hongfu Temple preserved a splendid collection of countless paintings, calligraphy, and other art pieces. These pieces are valuable in exploring both Guiyang history and old Chinese art. 


Qianling Lake


Walking in the garden, visitors always go to Hongfu Temple at first. Besides, Qianling Lake is a perfect place to take a seat and enjoy leisure time. It was made by the damming of Daluo Spring in 1954. Water in the lake is pure and crystal clean. There is a monument standing in front of the lake for the memory of heroes who died during the war of liberation of Guizhou Province. Sitting around the lake, time flies like gentle breeze. No doubt it’s a good choice for holidaymakers who are longing for quiet and leisure atmosphere.  


Kylin Cave


Kylin Cave is another interesting place to go, it is down along the 382-step Nine-Twist Path. Kylin exists only in the old Chinese legend. Chinese people regard it as a beast symbolizing auspice and believe it could bring peace and lucky. Among stalactites of various shapes hanging inside the cave lying a huge weighed stone kylin, giving the cave its present name. In front of the cave there flowing a tiny spring which has a history of more than 400 years.


Qianling Mountain


Visitors who love sport could choose to climb Qianling Mountain, which is not high but enough for some daily exercise. After climbing the mountain and arriving at the top, a panoramic view of Guiyang city lies under the feet. Modern buildings, old residential community, and a busy city…

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