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Qingyan Ancient Town

Qingyan Ancient Town is a famous tourist destination in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. It is located in the southern suburb of Guiyang City. “Qingyan” literally means cyan-colored rocks. Seen from a high place, it is cyan, shiny, and clean, embodying the beauty of peace and tranquil. Qingyan Ancient Town has a long history which could be dated back to the year 1378 in Ming Dynasty (1368AD-1644 AD). The whole town covers an area of 3 square kilometers in total.


Why the Qingyan Ancient Town is special


Known as a fantastic place to spend holidays, Qingyan Ancient Town keeps its quiet, peaceful, and tiny atmosphere. For tourists who want to escape from daily routine and pressure, nowhere else could be better than Qingyan Town in Guiyang. Known for well-planned architectural style, rich cultural relics, and multi-religion, Qingyang Ancient Town is praised as one of the most famous ancient towns in Guizhou Province.


Qingyan Ancient Town Highlights




Qingyan Ancient Town was built completely of cyan stone due to its special geographic position. Stone is easy to get and hard to broke. City walls built right on the cliff with vast rocks divide the town into inner and outer parts. Visitors who are interested in Chinese style buildings would find over 30 types of buildings including monasteries, temples, cabinets, caves, courtyards and palaces. All of them were delicately designed by the skillful architects in Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are several elegant classical wooden houses worth to see, visitors are invited to taste local snack such as Qingyan tofu, rice tofu, and rose sugar there. Most of the whole town is well preserved.




Qingyan Ancient Town is inhabited by residents who are Catholic, residents who are Christian, residents who are Taoist and residents who are Buddhist. The traditional Chinese religions and two western religions exist together in the small town. Catholic and Christian were introduced to local people during the war time nearly 70 years ago. Buddhists and Taoists among local residents are inherited from their ancestors. The ancient town invites the fame of Multicultural collection for the harmonious coexistence of east and west cultures, modern and traditional cultures, religions cultures and revolutionary cultures.

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